Purchase Information

Buying a horse has never been easier ...

You've found the perfect horse .... now what ...


Once you have decided on a horse,  we require that you place a $500 non-refundable deposit (except in the case of items arising from pre purchase exam, in which case the deposit can hold another foal or will be returned) to seal your purchase commitment.  The balance must be paid before your horse can taken to it's new home.

Pre Purchase Exam

It is always highly recommended and encouraged when purchasing a horse to have a pre-purchase exam completed by a veterinarian.   The cost for this is usually around $150 and is the responsibility of the purchaser.  You are welcome and encouraged to use your own vet for this exam, however, if you are out of the area, We have compiled a list of local veterinarians (We are not affiliated with any of these), for your convenience.

All Equine Veterinary Clinic
(408) 848-8018 

Tri-County Veterinary
(408) 848-8886 

Bruce, Roger DVM - Ausaymas Veterinary Svc
(831) 637-0097


We accept several forms of payment when purchasing a horse.  Of course cash is always an option, personal checks are accepted but delivery will be made pending clearance of the check through our bank.  We now also accept credit cards through Pay Pal (horse transport services require their own forms of payment and may or may not accept credit cards).  Credit card payments are made through secure email, contact us for more information.    Visa  Mastercard Discover  American Express  eCheck


If you are unable to pick up or have your new addition delivered right away.  We will gladly board him/her for one month free of charge until arrangements can be made, upon signing of a Release of Liability Agreement.


Free delivery is provided within 150 mile radius of Morgan Hill, California.  Shipping from a further distance can be arranged and we are willing to absorb some of the cost.

After Purchase Advice

We take pride in our horses.  Please feel free to call us at one of the numbers on your purchase contract, or email us from here with any questions or concerns you might have about your new addition.


We guarantee a live foal, on the ground, when you breed to our stallions.  In the event that your mare "doesn't take", or your foal is still born, you will receive a free breeding come next season.  A foal is considered live if it stands and nurses for 48 hours after birth.

LCFG (Ima Reinman Too only)

We are so confident that Milo will add some color to your barn, that we are willing to guarantee a colored foal.  If your mare fails to produce a colored foal (buckskin, palomino, cremello or perlino), you will receive 1 free breeding come next season.  (The LCFG applies to the original breeding only).